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The Horrors of Cat Obesity

Getting Fat

Been staring at Pastel for a bit and he seems to be getting fatter. I’m not sure, but I think I feel some flab as well. Some people feel its fine, but who could blame them fat cats are bloody adorable. Their lil chubby faces. Chubby but tiny paws, and not forgetting how fluffy they look when fat. Fat cats are definitely something that most cat lovers would love to see. There’s even a book!

Cover of "Fat Cats"

Cover of Fat Cats

Just look at that majestic guy. His proud curled way of sitting, and that upset face. Fat cats are just something that should be seen. However like people, who are never as cute as cats when fat fyi, obesity is bad for cats as well. There are lots of articles out there about cat obesity along with weight management tips such as


But all in all I think I’m just paranoid. Most probably of this chart produced by Iams:

By looking at this chart you can see, my Pastel’s back looks like that lil silhouette at the bottom of the chart. Like God damn. How could Pastel have such a close resemblance to that guy at the bottom of this chart. But then again this a quite and unclear chart.  I’m just hoping he has a big butt, but honestly, he is a house cat. How much exercise can he really get. He goes for walks and jumps on tables and fridges. Not much can be done and Light type of foods are actually very unhealthy for cats. I should just be glad he seems extremely healthy, even with a lil weight.  Sure he isn’t at the level of the lovely beau on the Fat Cat cover book, but who knows if he might reach that stage. I can just see him now.

fat bellaPossible Fat Pastel. Image from Flickr


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