Neow Wow

Hide and Seek

Given the choice of Pastel’s choices of location for wondering to, I would pick none. If he goes out via the front door, he’ll be under a car and its endless to the amount of times he runs back and forth and stays our of reach. If he get out onto the roof via the attic, he’ll wonder over to the neighbour’s house into their attic and hang out there for hours on end. At least on the roof he returns when I call out for him. So glad he seems to recognize his name.

Recently he got out through the front door and in fear he disappeared under a parked car and in to the adjacent covered drain. Unable to locate him, my housemate who mistakenly let him out called me and I rushed back fearing the worse. After calling his name he emerged back under the parked car and the battle began.

I don’t know if anyone who reads this has ever had to retrieve their cat back but it is one of the hardest tasks to ever do especially in a heat that could fry an egg on the road. Cars being the awful, low, wide things that they are provided wayyy too much space for my lovely little Pastel to evade me. As my housemate tried to assist, he return to the drain where I  am unable to follow =-= and the war began.

The ridiculous thing about Pastel’s misadventures out the front door is that he is scared shitless after leaving the front door. So much so that he can’t even think to turn around and go back into the house. He’ll hide under a car and wait for someone to retrieve him. Whole time though he’ll be watching the door. And even with the best opportunities to return, he stares and waits. Only time he thinks rationally while leaving through the front door is when we have him securely in his harness and leash.

All awesome in the walking harness (photo taken quite long ago when he hurt his leg, but that's another story)

Eventually he came out of the drain after a lot of coaxing and waiting in blistering heat. At the end of it I was soaked in sweat, and he was showered and annoyed. Then it was back to work for me D: The things I do for this cat.

Honestly though, I don’t understand why he insist on getting out when he can’t even brave the world without being accompanied by an adult. I know cats love being active and all, but if he is even too scared to explore why even try to step foot outside. He’s only secure of himself at night yet tries to get out in the day. If I could ask him why he does it I would. But I guess I have to keep pushing him back from the door as I leave and carefully open the door when I return.


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