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Cat Nip: the LSD of Adorable Felines

Well actually the title isn’t true, It is estimated that only 50% of cats are actually affected by cat nip and kittens are adverse to it. But hey, this post isn’t about whether or not my title of this post is accurate or not this is about Pastel’s first try with LS…er I mean Cat Nip.

Nepeta cataria

Image by douneika via Flickr, fresh cat nip

I know he is more then a year old (one year one month :3) but I  haven’t really given him cat nip to enjoy since I didn’t really think much of a plant that gets your cat high. But while looking for something to decrease aggression and possible separation anxiety (he isn’t going anywhere, he just gets really clingy when you have to go to work) in the pet store, I was recommended cat nip instead of the calming candy that only seems to work if he overdoses and falls asleep (only happened once). This wonderful shop employee who helped me pick out an awesome carrier bag for Pastel told me about the wonders and joys of cat nip.

Apparently it is a cat sedative along with stimulant. When they smell if they get excited and begin rolling and around and crushing the leaves further. Some sites say it is to realease some kind of enzyme or chemical called Nepa-something. It’s pretty obvious I am not researching this. All of these facts or hypothesis are actually available all over the web. I’m just saying what was told. It’s when the cat eats the cat nip that they get sedated. Cat nip is actually also good for their digestion, and helps them clear hair balls.

Apparently the sedative effects works on humans too. Put it in tea and have a relaxing drink. It helps with imsonia, headaches, dry coughs, stomach pains and a few other things. Got a cut, make it into a paste and it helps healing. Though I wouldn’t be doing that in cause my lil’ baby cat wants to roll all over the wound and lick it.

Cat nip really is fascinating and not only to cats. A senior of mine from college even made a fascinating ‘zine about cats, with a page or two that featured cat nip.

Page from Mingle Mangle by Michy Witchy, Click to go to her webpage

But anyway I’m getting off the main point of this post. This is actually about Pastel enjoying his first time with cat nip. The main point of all of this really was to post up this video of him rolling about in joy and excitement :3 I just get carried away with all the interesting things I have learnt about cat nip.

By the way, did you know that cats will not overdose on catnip. If they have had enough, they will just leave it alone and walk away


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