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“Better with a Cat” Adoption Drive cum Cat’s Day Out!

Like hey! Pastel had a social gathering!

Well he didn’t host one but he attended one hosted by Cat Welfare Society at Doggiestyle Cafe @ NEX Serangoon on the 5th of February 2012. It was an adoption drive cum cat’s day out. The adoption portion of the event though was really small in many ways, I am assuming cause the selected only few fosterers as the adoption drive that is host with Pet Lovers is spread out over a number of weekends over the year. Mostly kittens were brought it because I assume they are more desirable, however I was hoping for an older cat. Also the space provided to the drive was small and cramped. It was really hard to look at the kittens as there was no space to walk. Especially with Pastel in his carrier. And with the drive happening right in front of the cat food shelf, sad to say I couldn’t get Pastel his food that day. Many potential adopters signed up though and are going through the adoption proccess. Good luck to them and the cats. 🙂

Anyway on to the Cat’s Day Out. It was a fun an informative day. And Pastel got to meet a lot of new cats. The Doggiestyle Cafe is a really cute cafe, but as the name says it is a dog cafe. So for this one day it was rented out to us cat people.

there are two dogs in this picture. can you see?

getting ready

here come the cat people

Pastel watched the world form the ease of his carrier

As everyone got settled, introductions and light snacking began.

Can I have some Tea?

Sad to say there were no snacks for the kitties, but you see a lot of them were nervous. So they probably wouldn’t have eaten. Cats here rarely get out to a cafe. One day I dream to bring Pastel to a kitty cafe in Japan. One day Pastel, one day.

talk time

And so the talks began. It mostly covered kitty nutrition and I learnt so many things that I never knew. For example, contrary to popular beliefs cats don’t eat fish regularly in their diets. They hunt rodents and birds. So fish is actually not good for cats, especially raw fish. Even though they can eat raw meat, their degestion isn’t made to digest raw fish D: Tuna is also one of the worst fish you can ever give a cat D: I have wet food with tuna in it. The guilt!!! Never again.

The better grade/healthier foods usually aren’t all that appealing to cats because of the lack of a strong smell. Thus, that made me feel Pastel didn’t want to eat those food when we tried them out on him. In the end we settled for one with tuna in it cause he seemed to love it. Now though we are switching over his wet food and hey he is eating it maybe he did pay attention in the talk.

Speaking of food there was a great brand called Great Life that set up a promotion stall at the cafe that day. Apparently each piece of kibble is coated with freeze dried raw meat to provide your kitty with their as close to natural protein vales while you are out for the day. We ordered a bag after letting Pastel try the sample. He loved it. And it has no grain, corn or potatoes in it which is important as grain and starches in cat kibble leads to premature kidney failure in cats. D: Pastel’s kitten food was Brit Care, lovely grain, beef and pork free food, but when switching over to adult, we had a a dilemma because Brit Care was constantly out at the stores so we chose Royal Canin under a recommendation. There is wheat and con in the food but at the time we didn’t know what to do. Hopefully Pastel likes Great Life and we can stick with it to promote a good and healthy long life for him. To find out more on the brand Great Life, click here. For those in Singapore reading, even though the site sells the bag a few cents more then Pet Lovers, it includes free delivery and they have dog food as well. 20% of your purchase will also be donated to Cat Welfare Shelter. Good food and good cause.

There was also a small ear cleaning demo. We didn’t dare volunteer Pastel. He didn’t want to leave the sofa we were on. haha. But hey we learnt the technique. Now we got to put it into action. *holds cotton bud nervously* Trick is to do it fast and not stay and twist. That just makes the cat want to kick your hand. And don’t forget under the flap and never push the cotton bud into the ear canal past the cotton tip.

le demo

Many things were learnt that day and Pastel got to go out more. So much so that he was too exhausted to go for his nightly walks on the leash. Hopefully there will be more events like this.

door gifts. cupcakes for humans

I know I didn’t elaborate a lot on what was taught there that day, but this is a really long post as it is and I don’t want to write a mobile novel. haha. Maybe what was taught today will come up in other posts.

Slideshow wheee.

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