Neow Wow

Little Lily

Lo and behold, there is a new girl is town. She’s sassy and she’s bold. Large in built for her age but still small when it comes to the ways of the world. Meet Lily B. the sweetest lil non-standard munchkin to join the family.

At least that is what we though we would say. But through some over fluffiness and little genital development, Lily B. is a boy. *le gasp*

That’s right world, welcome Lily B. the new boy in town!!!

My name is Lily

When choosing names it would help to be sure of the sex, but hey we all thought Lily was a girl until 10 minutes before we collected him. The breeder was clipping his nails (her at the time) and flash. We can say Little Lily came out to play for a bit. Having already got use to the thought that Lily is a girl and the fact that we liked Lily’s name, we decided we will leave the name as Lily. Anyway Lily will be sterilised in the future, so he can remain oblivious to his gender. hehe

And for those who don’t know what a non-standard Munchkin is, they are Munchkins that didn’t inherit the short leg genes. Why get a munchkin that isn’t munchkin-ny? Simple. We all fell in love when we went for a visit. ❤

To know more about Munchkins, read here.


Regarding Pastel and Lily’s ability to get along, now its day 2 and hey, Pastel has stop hissing, and last night we all shared the bed to sleep. Family harmony + lvl up



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