Neow Wow

Girl No More

Well, Spring has recently been sterilized. She should have been sterilized months ago , but some one was being a little irresponsible about it. Spring’s Mummy and Daddy kept prolonging the date because they weren’t sure if they wanted her to have puppies or not.

I nagged, the kitties’ daddy nagged, and suddenly out of the blue after we had stop nagging for a bit, Spring went for the procedure. Now Spring is slightly over 10 months and has yet to get her period. She has however been bloated and showing signs of getting her period. So if you know the risks of sterilization coupled with female dogs having their period, you can guess that the procedure did not go smoothly.

Yes, frown upon Spring’s parents, but I am not writing this post to slander. It is being written as a proper warning. The vet’s advice is to usually sterilize your pup around 6 to 8 months of age or a couple of months after their first period. Spring apparently went in a few days before she was about to get her first period, so the blood stored up in a walls were plentiful. That made Spring bleed out and gave the doctor complications while completing the procedure. But luckily the procedure was completed.

Spring woke up for the anaesthesia crying in discomfort and probably mild shock. Poor girl. She was upset when she was collected and upset when she got home coned.

Spent about the time after the surgery to make sure she is fine and let her walk about a bit to cheer her up. She’s upset she can’t play with kitties but kitties were told to stay away in case they hurt her and they did. A constant watch for abnormalities in her walk and her demeanour has been required because she could bleed internally. No standing on hind legs either (a favourite trick and habit of hers) in case stitches get torn. She will also go through depression stage according to vet because she might feel she had a  miscarriage or go through a false pregnancy and realize she has no babies. 😦

Sad Spring in Cone


But so far she has been feeling fine and everything looks like it is recovering well. We are all making sure she doesn’t jump or stand on her hind legs for at least two months, and the stitches will be removed soon.

She might be feeling lonely though because Pastel and Lily have really bonded and are all over the place together while she has to rest and not jump around with them like she normally would. Moral people, be sure you sterilized when recommended to avoid any complications and to save your pup any possible emotional and physical trauma.


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