Neow Wow

And We Continue with the Adventures of Pastel

Joining our hero we find him in a cupboard sleeping on top of a pile of clothes. His parents come home to find him blurry eyed and discharge flowing out of one eye. As one eye was still quite shut, his mother attempts to clear the discharge only to find the entire eye covered in the yellow sticky substance. The horror. Our hero has been injured!!

But how?!

There are no obvious wounds, but the gunk is covering the eyeball and slowly flowing out as  a stream from our hero’s eye. Deducing it was a scratch  (probably caused by Lily during play) the parents take our hero to the vet.

Once there, our hero’s eye gets uncomfortably prodded by a little orange piece of paper and his eye glows florescent yellow. Using a UV light the vet finds the scratch, luckily it is minor, mostly surface and on the white of his eye. Our hero will heal fine. The vet administers a drop of antibiotic eye drops into his eye and the gunk is cleared. His parents take our hero home along with the drops, another drops made of pig plasma to to assist the cornea to grow back and an edible paste to make our hero’s tears have antibiotic properties.

Our hero shall return for a follow up in 5 to 7 days.

(sorry no pics, couldn’t think of taking a picture at the time)


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This entry was posted on 03/02/2012 by in Pastel.
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