Neow Wow

Lily Wrote Back

Hello Pastel,

Your letter has come to my attention and I must make one thing clear before I properly begin my reply. Spring is a cat cause what else could she be. She is just a little dumb and your judgement of her is cruel and somewhat racist. Just because she has white fur, it doesn’t make her different from us.

Moving on, yes, I am absolutely adorable. It is a great survival tool. You should learn something from it. I stare sweetly and pleading-like with my gloriously huge eyes and humans bow at my feet. Can your eyes do that? My fur is exquisitely soft and fluffy that many cannot resist the power to come close and groom me. Can your fur do that?  And my mewls have been compared to angel’s cries, I overheard the female servant’s friend comment on it. After hearing my mewls, the more ‘your’ servants do my bidding. Can  your mewls do that?

Of course, with such great assets, I would use it to my advantage. There is no shame in acting defenseless to thwart you as the leader of the home.

It is only natural I should try and rule. The reason I am not challenging you as frequently is that I am planning my steps more carefully now. I am no longer the silly, tiny ball of fluff that enter this domain. I am growing each day, I can jump on the dining table now, though assisted with a stool.  So enjoy your peace while it lasts.

As for the covering of your feces, I wish you would do it yourself. We have to be aware of possible predators and you leaving your scent all out for anyone to find will indirectly lead them to me as we are sharing the litter box. I am not doing this act to honour you, I am doing it to protect my self. I too like to be clean if you haven’t noticed from my lovely coat.

It is now time for my awesome delicate looking self to take a nap or play with a ball, I haven’t decided which yet. Be forwarn that I will rule one day.

The most adorable,

Lily B.

P.S. Here is photographic evidence of you being mean that I am going to use against you. See you at the food bowl >D



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This entry was posted on 04/17/2012 by in Lily B., Pastel.
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