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Some Coffee for Here Please

First off I need to get a rant off my chest. If you have a furkid and you had planned for a family, there is no reason that I feel is valid besides said furkids killing and eating your new child, to abandoned them. Hygienic reasons can be compromised. Like keep the furkid out of the child’s room until you feel their immune system is stronger or double duty on vacuuming or something. Don’t say child will develop allergies cause honestly everything causes allergies. Suddenly deciding that  you don’t want your furkid after having a child is heartbreaking for the cat or dog.  They have done nothing wrong. You took them into your home and you gave them care and love, in turn you became their world. Just because you have a new bundle of joy and suddenly have no love for the cat or dog, it doesn’t mean that they stop loving you as well. Sick jerks. I’m not saying its wrong to have a family, but to throw out a part of your existing family is just heartless.


This all leads us to Coffee. Not the caffeinated beverage, but the two year old, female Shih Tzu. This poor dear was left at my door with just a “Bye, Coffee” from only one of her now previous owners and watched as they drove off. (Spring’s mama had offered to adopt Coffee and saved her from going to SPCA.) I had assumed that today was going to be a play date or a meet and greet to see if Srping and Coffee liked wach other but alas I was mistaken. Coffee was coming to live with us today. Poor Coffee probably thought they were having an outing until they reached my house and was taken out of the car. Coffee was shocked and confused but most of all, when it all sank in and she realized what happened she got depressed and a look of hurt was all over her face. Who says dogs don’t have feelings!!

She must have known they weren’t returning because she slowly climbed up the stairs and waited for someone to come and show her, her new home. After finding out which room is her bedroom she sat in a corner, shaking occasionally. Seems like she likes the cats and not so much Spring. hhaha. The kitties are keeping their distance for the moment but seem to have accepted her into the home, most probably because she will have nothing to do with their social order.

Spring and her on the other hand need more time to interact. Spring’s hyperness is putting her off though. Poor Spring. Poor Coffee.

Coffee sad and Spring failing at being sociable

She will go for a check up later. She should be in good health but her underbite ( though called overbite ), seems a little much compared to others I have seen. Hopefully she’ll get comfortable and cheer up soon.



One comment on “Some Coffee for Here Please

  1. Pie

    Hello Coffee!
    Those original owners are pathetic. They should not be allowed to have pets or children.

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