Neow Wow

Some people should have never existed

Coffee is adjusting but she has a bout of diarrhea probably brought on by stress. Going the vet since the stool firming tabs didn’t work.

Now my sister recently asked Coffee’s previous owner for Coffee’s birth date and guess what, she is turning 4 years old this May 19th. Hmmm. Four years old? We were told she was two. The reply we got, “Oh ya. Too bad loh”

We don’t mind that is is four but, excuse me! You raise this dog for four years since she was a puppy and you threw her away and act like she is trash after her new family wants to know more about her? Do you even care to see if we are decent or psychos who kill shih tzus for fun? Nop, cause who cares right.

Apparently they still have another shih tzu (probably related to Coffee) but without an overbite. So was Coffee really give an away because of hygiene reasons?

Poor Coffee, hope she gets better soon.

Slowly cheering up



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This entry was posted on 04/24/2012 by in Pastel.
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