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Once again he has been his clumsy overly curious self and has gone under the knife and anesthesia. This time it was gastro intestinal surgery. Why? Because someone is so stray they would pull a tangled bit of long string from the wastepaper basket and  accidentally swallow it. But it wasn’t simple as that. Apparent and end of the string had tangled on the base of his tongue and  the rest of it had gone down his entire food track. But because it was caught around the tongue. It couldn’t fully go down the track, thus, pulling his intestines and bunching them up. Oh the horrors listening to the vet explain the results of the CT scan after the failed X-ray. It was straight into surgery after the results were discovered.

Pastel was lucky this time around, for the time it took to get him into surgery. Unluckily enough, he began heaving during Labour Day weekend. Initially when he vomited it was assumed to be his usual fur ball in the throat. After he kept vomiting white foam, possibilities were goggled as it was too late to get to a vet. The best result, was to open his mouth and check if anything was stuck. I tried, but being a lone at home, it was really difficult to. After getting bitten a few times, I found nothing. Of course this I couldn’t lift his tongue, so I didn’t find the string.

Next morning it was off to the vet. They said it could be a stomach upset and gave a shot. Pastel was very inactive by that time already. He didn’t’ even get aggressive when the vet had stuck the thermometer up his ass. Recommended to put him on a bland diet and call back if hadn’t began eating or started vomiting again at the end of the day. I did ask the vet to open his mouth and check as what I tried to do, but because she had massaged his throat and stomach and didn’t feel anything, she didn’t think it was necessary.

He didn’t eat anything and began throwing up by the end of the day. Labour Day was the next day and the vet wouldn’t open, so I force fed pastel water and tried to keep him active. Next day, X-ray showed something but it wasn’t clear after that CT scan revealed the string. Pastel was lucky to go through everything and only have his intestines bruised.  Worst case that the intestine dies or the string cuts through them.

He stayed 2 nights in hospital after that. Poor baby. Visited him though. He was upset but not the angry upset. It was the crying kinda upset. Made me pet him the whole visits. Poor thing had to be on the drip and was constantly trying to shake it off. The nurse told me he kept growling at everyone, but he seemed so docile to me lol. Too use to his ferocity?

In the hospital

The drip and surgery scar. Had bandage the drip on in case he pulled it out and hurt himself

I swear he is high, but the doctor said there shouldn’t be any drugs in him when I was there

Crawled to the back into the litter box as I was leaving 😦
The cage was huge, could fit a person inside

warning sign to the staff

More warning signs. tsk tsk baby cat


He ate as soon as he got home. He ate a lot so that’s a good sign. Lily kept slapping his cone of shame. Pastel eventually lost patience and slapped Lily. Hard. Poor fluffy thing flew a few feet away. It wasn’t like he didn’t deserve it though. Silly Lily.

Now its 2 to 3 weeks after surgery and he is recovering well. After care was quite simple. Fed some antibiotics and keep him from jumping too much. Pastel seemed to know not to jump hard though. More up and down everything slowly. There was a small scare when he suddenly began vomiting again but it was just him not agreeing with the antibiotics. So changed the meds and he is as right as rain (don’t understand that saying XP). Cone of shame is gone. The shaved areas have fur growing back and the scar is healing well. He has become less aggressive and seems to want affection more then ever, but its cute. He bites less as well. Probably not wanting to go to the doctor anymore. XD

All good now

Big and fluffy now


P.S Don’t know why the text became huge under the images, hope no one minds >W< NeowWow!


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