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When I was Out

You know how when you go out and come back and something is missing, or moved or broken? You blame it on the pets, cause usually there is a bite or scratch mark attached to said object. All of that is expected though when you have little furries that can jump and reach in to things that you thought were out of reach. What I didn’t expect though while I was in KL over the week end, was that someone would come and take Coffee away.

According to my sister, Coffee was taken away by her previous owner to be given to somebody else, a woman who owns a pet shop. Whole thing doesn’t make sense to me. How can someone who practically throw out their dog want to take it back only to give it to someone else. What I believe happen ( and I don’t care if sister or boyfriend be reading this) is that , my ‘good-hearted’ sister has been complaining to the owner because she expected something else from Coffee. Coffee wasn’t fast enough to learn and slow to adapt to her new home, she got impatient and wished to get rid of her. There were many excuses, like Coffee was affecting her health, she refuse to be trained properly, she wouldn’t behave while they were out on walks. So, she then complains to previous owner that Coffee has issues and hates her life with them.

Sure, Coffee is scared of the cats, but hey, I’ve kept them in the same room before and she would bark at most and move on with her life. Her fear to leave the room could be attributed to the fact that she is rarely let out of the house because she likes to walk on in a zig zag and runs fast. She would have left the room to go to the toilet if she was trained. It was a new environment for her and she needs to slowly adapt. Can’t expect her to know every single thing. They barely even tried and just say that Coffee just wouldn’t do what she was suppose to. Dogs like this take time to learn and adapt, especially older dogs.

What’s more before Coffee was taken in, I told them make sure they can financially support her even since I knew they were having financial issues. At that time they dare say that they could and it was all good. Also adding that Spring was so lonely and needed a friend especially since Lily came and Pastel hung out with Lily more. But hey in the end I get told, “Truth be told we can’t financially support Coffee.” but hey, Spring can be supported. The f**k is this shit.

Coffee was just starting to cheer up when I left. I had already calmed her enough to walk between rooms with her own ease. I could be gaming and she would come hang out with me randomly. If sister and bf were out late, she would walk in to the room and sleep together until they return. She just began doing the jumping thing dogs do when they are happy to see people enter or return home, when I left for the weekend. So don’t say she wasn’t improving.

Now the home looks like Coffee was never even with us. Somehow it feels like I was the only one who cared for her. I don’t care that my sister can read this and know how I feel. But what can I say to her face that will change anything. Coffee is gone and no one else in the house seems to care. This isn’t about me though. This is about the fact that Coffee is practically being abused. Transfered from one ‘home’ to another. Whatever happened to agreeing to give her a forever home.

Know this, there is only so much that a dog could ever be at fault. Honestly, how are they suppose to know what to do after just moving in from a home of 4 years. That takes a lot of time to adjust. Just because you are unhappy with how she is adapting doesn’t mean you just up and kick her out. The dogs are hurt in all of this, how many times does she have to go through something like this. Trust issues as well as agression issues develop from scenarios like this. Since it was so easy to erase all evidence of her, it will be just as easy to forget anything said here. Who cares really, she’s just a dog.

Missing her so hard


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