Neow Wow

Heartbroken Lily

Aww, Chloe had to leave last night to go home to her family and Lily seems really sad. Just sat at the door and hope she would come back in. Eventually a treat pulled him out of it though. Must have just been a case of ‘kitten’ love. House feels a little strange with one less cat now, but the daily fur storm has dramatically reduced. Haha.




It was great fun having Chloe in the house, biting our heads as we slept, watching Lily attempt again and again to gain her favour, watching Lily and Chloe follow Pastel move around like the little gangsters that they are but we were lucky Chloe eventually got along with everyone. Even Spring. Who knows if it would have been this easy to take care of another cat.

Things that should be noted though when cat sitting for someone at your house,

  • Always introduce your guest cat as if you were introducing a new member of the family. Begin the first few days or week seperated (seperate rooms) and make sure you are there to watch when they are interacting
  • Have a seperate litter box, food bowl, and water source so that the chance of fighting is reduced.
  • If the guest cat is on a different diet then your cats, nothing is going to stop them from trying each other’s food. So best to do is the mix and intro of each others food to avoid any stomach upsets. Chloe’s dry food apparently was cover in ants and she was having iarrhoea when she first came over, so we fed her on the vet food for sensitive tummies and introduced her to our boys’ food as she recovered. She isn’ a wet food cat oddly enough, so we couldn’t coax her to eat any during her stay. Hopefully she will grow into it one day though.
  • If your guest comes to you with any required daily medication, make sure you are capable of feeding said medication.
  • Remember to brush everyday if your guest is fluffy.
  • Equal play time for all. Also promotes the cats bonding if you can play with all of them at the same time.
  • Have the guest’s parents number at all time and giving updates on their furkids help.

Well Chloe is home and house will probably be as it was before. Was a pleasure to have her though. Maybe we could arrange a play date soon.




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