Neow Wow

Crawl Space

Link section away from Neow Wow. Meet Pastel’s friends and family.

Two Flat Faces : Gemuk and Gila!! Awesome friends who Pastel and Lily has yet to meet in person. But webcam stares are always the best XP

Mogu Pie : Flatmates of Gemuk and Gila. They are an artist like Pastel’s and Lily’s parents and a writer.

Khym Chi : Pastel’s and Lily’s primary caregiver.Pastel enjoys sitting on her computer as she types. Lily likes to lick her toes and fingers.

Onino Jue : Pastel’s and Lily’s primary litter box cleaner who rarely updates. Pastel enjoys touching his wet paintings. Lily uses cuteness to get extra treats from him.

Frills by Cleo : Blogazine by Spring’s mother

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