Neow Wow

Meet Cake

So like meet Cake the Calico. She’s a girl. And too young to be vaccinated. Gotta wait a couple more weeks. So far she doesn’t really have anything but that … Continue reading

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Found a tiny cat O:

Been hearing some meowing and we found a tiny cat. It’s like the size of a human hand. O: So small, and she seems abandoned by it’s mum At first … Continue reading

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Oreos aren’t just cookies

Hari Raya is this weekend and mt friends recently got a baby cat which they can’t take with them. So we are helping care for the little thing until Monday. … Continue reading

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He’s not Happy

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Heartbroken Lily

Aww, Chloe had to leave last night to go home to her family and Lily seems really sad. Just sat at the door and hope she would come back in. … Continue reading

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House Guest

Lily has healed very nicely and our houseguest is adapting. As soon as the cone is off Lily beginds trying to play with Chloe, she seems to not know how … Continue reading

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Lily B. be boy no more

That’s right people the little prince has been sterialized. Its a little late, but Pastel’s last incident put a big dent in the wallet. At least its┬ádone. He is pretty … Continue reading

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